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A two-storey home for a single female client that was a dream to work on.


The existing extension and poorly laid out plan was replaced with an unconventional layout which worked particularly well for the client. Most houses on the street had the living room to the front and the kitchen in the extension. By moving the kitchen to the front of the house, Lyndall has created a beautiful, private, living space that links to the garden.


The dining area is positioned by the front window, with shutters for privacy, so that the kitchen is not visible from the street. The new layout allows for the guest cloakroom to become a larger space that is accessed from the hallway and is also no longer visible from the kitchen.


The client requested a cosy relaxing space that was modern but still incorporated some traditional elements to reference the Victorian property. The traditional style kitchen and all of the joinery throughout is bespoke to ensure that it integrates seamlessly. The cost of this was counterbalanced by the use of high street furniture thus ensuring that the budget was kept under control.

Photography by Rei Moon

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