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Lyndall Fernie was born to be a designer. As her mother is an artist and her father an art historian, she has been surrounded by creativity all her life. Lyndall studied fashion design at Ravensbourne and won several student awards including one from the Royal Society of Arts which allowed her to travel to Italy. She spent two years working in Italy designing for Versace and Moschino. Upon her return to London, she began working for an independent record label, Rhythm King records, which was one of the first independent dance labels. She was looking after the PR for several bands including S’Express, Bomb the Bass, Moby and Deee-lite. It was a fun job liaising with the press, stylists, makeup artists, photographers as well as frequent partying. Even during this time Lyndall continued her creative journey, designing bespoke clothing for the artists, window displays for Tower Records and decorating venues for record company parties.  But when she bought her first property everything changed…


Lyndall became obsessed with every detail of the design of her new home and once it was complete, she knew that Interior Design was what she was meant to do. She retrained at Chelsea College of Art and began working for Grosvenor Interiors in Belgravia. After two years she set up independently and has never looked back. She had a shop in Islington for several years, with business partner, Stuart Knock, that combined the sale of beautiful furniture and home accessories with the interior design practice.


In 1996 Lyndall began teaching at Chelsea College of Art. She has since taught at many of the Interior Design schools in London but working at Chelsea Art College has been consistent for the last 25 years. She has built up a reputation for successfully training hundreds of Interior Designers who are working today. Lyndall was also lucky enough to teach courses in Dubai for several years through The University of the Arts.


Today Lyndall is working as a freelance Interior designer specialising in remodelling existing properties. She is passionate about how a property flows from one space to the next and her space planning is exceptional. She has extensive knowledge of suppliers and will design each room down to the smallest details. Even door handles, sockets and skirtings will be specified to reduce the often-overwhelming number of design choices that a client has to make.  Lighting and electrical plans are an important part of the design process and Lyndall has spent many years perfecting these to create beautifully lit spaces. If you are looking to redesign the layout of your home and want every detail of each space to be perfectly considered, please feel free to contact Lyndall to discuss your project.

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