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Lyndall has a talent for designing contemporary interior spaces. She is particularly good at ​remodelling existing properties, utilising as much light as possible and that function well for its inhabitants. To achieve this she moves walls, adds extensions, and creates new apertures to allow the flow of light through the space. 


She specialises in high-end, timeless interiors and her style could be described as understated elegance with a touch of decadence.


With 25 years' experience, Lyndall’s passion for design is still evident. She loves to integrate the interiors with the architecture and enhance the individual features of each property.


Her great attention to detail means that she will spend hours locating the perfect item to ensure that the overall design is in no way compromised. She designs functional spaces that look amazing, with practicality being high on her list of priorities.


Lyndall’s approach is to create personalised design services that can be tailored to suit each client’s requirements. This can range from a 2-hour consultancy through to full design service.  All aspects of the interior design can be provided including scale drawings, bespoke furniture design, lighting schemes and the specification of works for the contractor. 

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