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This stunning three-story detached home has been completely remodelled throughout, with a large rear extension.


The main living space has the living and kitchen area separated by a freestanding wall which separates the zones sufficiently. The impressive 4m island is highlighted by the long skylights that link into the rear glazing, thus providing spectacular views into the garden. The garden was also part of the design brief and Lyndall particularly enjoyed working on how it would link with the interior spaces.


The brief was to provide a light, spacious, relaxing and modern home for this family with three teenage children. As the family are all very tall, they requested that there was an enhanced sense of height. To achieve this, many of the windows have been elongated, which is replicated in the use of extra tall doors.


A seamless resin floor throughout worked well with the Crittal style glazing situated between the entrance and the main living space. This provides an uninterrupted view, through the house, and into the garden from the moment that you step into this beautiful home.

Photography by Juliet Murphy Interiors Photography

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