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A four-bedroom, detached home for a couple with two young children.


The clients requested a sophisticated, elegant space that still felt relaxed for everyday family life. Lyndall used a monochromatic colour scheme that accentuates the contrast of light and dark. A side extension has been added to provide an extra sitting room off the kitchen dining area allowing child supervision to be manageable.


A slight Asian influence portrays the couple’s heritage and has been carried throughout the property. The beautiful bespoke joinery in the bedroom uses fret work panels combined with textured paper to provide a unique finish. Mother-of-pearl mosaic in the master ensuite is an iridescent inky blue and catches the light beautifully. The garage has become an office, housing a beautiful, extra-long desk and a substantial amount of bespoke storage. The handmade leather and nickel cabinet handles add an elegant touch to this much-loved space.

Photography by Rei Moon

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