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The clients are a young couple with two children in East Finchley, North London.


This beautiful home is a three-story detached property, with original timber window frames and dark timber beams, which needed to be retained. The clients requested a light, airy, practical design that would not date.


They wanted to keep the natural stone look, large format tiles and the timber floor that they already had on the ground floor. The timber floors were lightened and finishes chosen that would complement the view to the garden. The remodelled, spacious hallway creates a welcoming entrance with plenty of storage which adheres to the interior design mantra of “storage, storage, storage!”. High doors and the generous use of mirrors create an illusion of space and height.


Each room flows seamlessly into the next creating a sense of calm and the layering of textures adds visual depth.

Photography by Juliet Murphy Interiors Photography

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